Make Kid’s Bedrooms Fun and Playful

Make Kid’s Bedrooms Fun and Playful

Kid-friendly bedroom flooring options

Eye-catching Floors for Secret Hideaways

With children, anything is possible, and likely to happen on your floor. Kids bedroom flooring should contribute to a fresh, fun and cozy space. But let’s face it ─ you need a surface that’s durable and easy to clean . . . often. These bedroom flooring ideas for kids are sure to inspire a great hideaway for hanging out.

Best Flooring Options for Kids Bedrooms

  • Carpet & Area Rugs – Plush, soft carpet acts like a cushion to soften trips and falls. It also helps reduce noise from jumping and stomping – a big bonus if your childs room is on an upper floor. Choose kids bedroom carpeting from a rainbow of colors and intriguing tactile qualities that will inspire imaginative play. Area rugs can also power up a child’s imagination with quirky or whimsical patterns and themes to make their special place fun and playful.
  • Carpet Tiles – Do you like the comfort and sound absorption of carpet but want a little more design flexibility? Carpet tiles give you total freedom to create a personalized looks without the custom price. They come in a range of kid-friendly colors, patterns and sizes to combine in any number of creative ways. And what child wouldn’t love designing their own floor? If carpet tiles becomes stained or damaged, you simply replace them.
  • Wood – Another great choice for kids bedroom flooring, hardwood holds up well and doesn’t need to be replaced as often as carpet. Bamboo is one option that’s economical, sustainable and exceptionally durable. For a budget-friendly alternative, laminate floors offer the beauty of genuine wood in a hard wearing surface that’s durable, scratch-resistant and a breeze to clean.
  • CorkCork is a unique choice for kids bedroom. Similar to carpet, if feels wonderfully soft and cushiony under foot yet looks like wood. An eco-friendly material, cork is naturally anti-microbial and anti-static while repelling dirt and dust. When properly installed and sealed, cork is durable and practically impervious to stains.

Add a creative touch to any kids bedroom with these playful, simple flooring ideas.