Media Room Flooring

Media Room Flooring

Enjoy some quality relaxation time

The Right Media Room Flooring Turns Up the Fun

Flooring may seem like an afterthought when you’re outfitting a media room, but it can really impact your enjoyment of the space. Whether watching TV on the big screen, playing video or board games, shooting pool or just streaming music with friends – room acoustics will either add or subtract from the experience.

These media room flooring ideas will enhance sound quality by keeping noise in check.

Best Flooring Options for Media Rooms

  • Carpet – The soft surface of carpet makes it one of the best media room flooring options. All that cushiony pile muffles sound, absorbing it so that it doesn’t reflect back into the room and reverberate as noise. Carpeting also creates a warm and comfortable surface for those who like to sprawl out while relaxing. The feel of carpeting ranges from thick and luxurious to short pile and durable. There right choice will depend on how much activity and foot traffic your media room gets.
  • Carpet Tiles – For active spaces, carpet tile offers distinct advantages. It comes in the same wide range of colors, styles and fiber heights and thicknesses, yet is easier to install and keep clean. If a tile or section of tiles gets damaged, stained or shows signs of wear, you can replace individual tiles and not the whole carpet. And carpet tile is engineered to be tough and durable.
  • Area Rugs – If your media room already has a hard surface floor, you can still enhance the look and sound quality with area rugs. They come in the largest selection of exciting designs from traditional to casual to fashion-forward and just plain fun. A great feature of area rugs is you can easily remove them for cleaning.

Once you have the right media room flooring installed, all you need to do is dish out the popcorn and enjoy some quality relaxation time!