The fresh colorfulness of carpet flooring makes a room come alive.

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Save Up To $1,000 Off

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Carpeting in the Southern and Western Suburbs of Chicago

FCA offers the largest in-stock carpeting selection in the Southern and Western Suburbs of Chicago. Carpet is comfortable, easy to install and easily replaced. It’s a great option for homes with kids, as carpeting is easy on small knees and makes for more forgiving falls than hardwood, laminate, or natural stone & tile. Carpet can soften a room, from both a visual and noise perspective; carpeting adds a sense of warmth and absorbs sound better than harder flooring options.

Color Your Floor

Color expresses our awareness of life. The fresh colorfulness of carpet flooring makes a room come alive. Carpeting can take a playful role of aesthetic contrast or bring the nuanced richness of depth and texture. No matter what color you choose, enjoy a red carpet moment with every soft, comfortable step.

All FCA Carpets are Free of PFC and PFAS Perflourinated Compounds

At Floor Covering Associates (FCA) we believe in upholding standards that contribute directly to the comfort and wellbeing of our customers. Because of that, we do not sell carpets made with any perflourinated compounds (commonly referred to as PFC or PFAS) which are used by some companies for soil and stain treatment.

We have ensured, and will continue to ensure, that all carpet brands sold at every FCA location are free of such compounds.

We remain dedicated to improving the quality and safety of every yard of carpet sold at FCA, so that our customers and their families will enjoy their new carpet for many years.

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