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FCA is your trusted Kankakee carpet store. We offer a large assortment of quality carpet flooring for contractors, independent designers and homeowners. You can visit our Kankakee showroom to see our brand-name flooring options in-person to find your favorite style. We also have additional locations in the southern and western suburbs of Chicago.

Aside from our new carpet options, we also sell hardwood, waterproof luxury vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile, natural stone and more, as well as provide window treatments, furniture and cabinets. We aim to enhance your living spaces with our premium products.

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Pet-Friendly Carpeting

Pet-friendly carpet is a great flooring option for those who have furry family members and children. This is because it is robust and stain-resistant. What’s more, it doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks, drool, etc. as they won’t seep into carpet fibers and cause odor. Best of all, this type of carpet is budget-friendly as well as easy to clean and maintain.

Carpeting that is pet-friendly adds comfort and warmth to a home. For instance, it provides insulation that helps trap heat, especially during the cold months. This means you can benefit from a lower electricity bill. Additionally, it offers a plush area for sitting and playing, which can be beneficial for kids. It even reduces slip and fall accidents. Furthermore, this flooring option can add style to a living space and even dampen noise levels when it comes to music, footsteps, etc.

Why Choose FCA for New Carpet Installation?

FCA is proud to offer high-quality carpeting to improve the functionality and appearance of your living spaces. When you buy carpet from us, you can choose from various fibers, colors, densities, piles and more. When selecting the best carpeting option, consider several factors such as budget, maintenance and lifestyle.

Our small, family-owned business has 45-plus years of experience in the industry providing expert carpet replacement. We stand apart from competitors due to our product selection and excellent customer service. In fact, our accredited and knowledgeable specialists can help you choose a flooring option that suits your needs. Rest assured our team takes pride in going above and beyond for our customers. Once you select a carpet option, our skilled team will provide you with expert installation.

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