Densylon Carpet


Luxury Carpets for Lasting Beauty

Why Choose Carpeting?

Carpeting seems to get a bad rap nowadays. So many homeowners are ripping out their old, stained, matted-down carpet and replacing it with the highly sought-after Luxury Vinyl Plank. But why is that? Could it be that so many people are affected by allergies today, or that there’s always a traffic pattern? Or how about the stains that just do not seem to come out? Well, let’s layout all the facts. Carpeting is so much more than what meets the eye. And with FCA’s DENSYLON™ fiber and the Love Your Carpet Warranty, the only reason to come back is for an update in style or color!

DENSYLON™ is a high-performance Nylon that offers dependability and outstanding performance. With lifetime warranties in Quality Assurance, Texture Retention, Abrasive Wear, Soil Resistance, and Pet Resistance, DENSYLON™ will meet every client’s needs.

For extra reassurance, FCA offers a Love Your Carpet Warranty, if it stains, we replace it!* If the carpeting doesn’t uphold expectations, FCA will come out to inspect and assess how to remedy the situation. Eliminating the stress and providing support.

Indoor Air Quality
Carpeting acts as a filter trapping airborne agents and preventing them from circulating through the air as they would on hard surfaces. After a weekly vacuum, these dust and allergens will be released and removed from the room. FCA offers only Green Label Plus carpet, emitting very little to no chemicals (VOCs) that exceed the market’s requirements.

Warmth, Comfort, and Acoustics
By selecting the right cushion, the carpet allows for a great level of comfort. Preventing pain and discomfort while providing a safety benefit for falls of all ages.

Carpeting works as an insulator, for heating, and for sound absorption. Helping counteract the heating bill in the winter as well as lessening the echoes throughout a home.  Noise reduction is especially an added benefit in family homes with little ones or talkative pets.

Inexpensive and Eco-friendly
Comparing a high-quality carpet purchase to any hard surface, carpeting will always win. When adding the material costs, installation, and maintenance costs (professional cleaning every 12-18 months), carpeting is much more affordable. Installation is typically quicker and less of a mess as well.

Most carpet and cushion are made from recycled materials and then recycled when it is replaced. Lessening the impact on landfills.

These are just the added benefits of carpeting when you’re speaking of functionality and dependability. This does not even touch on the topic of design, color, and style. There are infinite possibilities for your home, whether you are looking for neutral and simplistic or looking to make a statement within your home. FCA’s DENSYLON™ carpeting will fulfill everyone’s desires.

 *See warranty brochure for further details.

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