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Floor Covering Associates, or FCA, is an expert flooring sales and installation company serving the southern and western suburbs of Chicago, including Kankakee. We’re proud to offer a variety of styles and types of flooring, including waterproof options, such as luxury vinyl plank flooring. In addition to selling the industry’s top LVP flooring brands, we’re known for our unrivaled design and installation services.

As the No. 1 destination for waterproof vinyl flooring in Kankakee, we invite you to visit our physical showroom location. Here, you can see and feel our top-quality waterproof flooring options and choose the ones that best suit your home or office. Our on-site experts can also assist with selecting the best vinyl plank flooring for your space and complete your vinyl flooring installation. We’re a one-stop destination for all your flooring needs in Kankakee and beyond.


The Benefits of Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof vinyl flooring improves the aesthetic beauty of your home while remaining a highly practical option. It offers a clean, sleek appearance that other flooring options can’t provide. Even more, waterproof vinyl flooring isn’t damaged by the common spills and splashes that happen day to day.

Liquid that sits on traditional wood flooring can warp the surface and cause mold to develop underneath. Luxury vinyl flooring eliminates the worry of your family or pets causing damage due to spills, leaks, and other accidents. In addition to standing up to moisture, our FCA waterproof vinyl flooring options are scratch-resistant. Foot traffic, pet nails, toys and furniture won’t harm your floor’s attractive wood or stone look.


VP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (LVP) is our most popular waterproof flooring option. It’s a favorite for its durability, sustainability, and sleek appearance. The planks feature high-definition imaging to create a realistic stone or wood look. The flooring’s top layer also protects it from scratches, water damage and other wear and tear. Vinyl plank flooring installation is also easy, especially when you ask our experts to handle the job.


WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring is an even more durable option. It’s strong and thick and can be glued directly over your current floor. This type of flooring includes four layers for unmatched durability, protection, and under-foot comfort.


SPC (Stone Plastic Composite)

Another waterproof flooring option available here at FCA is Stone Plastic Composite. This flooring’s core layer is stone dust, which makes it the most durable option in our waterproof flooring lineup. Similar to WPC, we can install SPC over your existing floor. It also contains a vinyl top layer with a stone or wood visual and an additional transparent layer to resist scratches and water damage. It is one of our favorite options for homes with pets, kids, or heavy foot traffic.

FCA offers the highest-quality flooring options, designed to enhance the look of your home while remaining durable and easy to maintain. We invite everyone in the Kankakee area to visit our showroom and find out what makes us Greater Chicago’s top destination for vinyl plank flooring.


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