FCA offers the largest in-stock carpeting selection in the Southern and Western Suburbs of Chicago. Carpet is comfortable, easy to install, and easily replaced. It’s a great option for homes with kids, as the carpeting is easy on small knees and makes for more forgiving falls than hardwood, laminate, or natural stone & tile.

Carpet can soften a room, from both a visual and noise perspective; carpeting adds a sense of warmth and absorbs sound better than harder flooring options. No matter what color you choose, enjoy a red carpet moment with every soft, comfortable step. Browse our carpet selection and experience the FCA difference today!

Our carpet flooring showrooms are located in, Naperville, Joliet, St. Charles, and Kankakee in Illinois and Merrillville Indiana.

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Pet-Safe Carpet

It’s no secret that we love our pets. 85 million American households own at least one pet, with no signs of slowing down. They are a special part of the family, and we do whatever it takes to keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable – even when they make a mess. That’s why choosing the right carpet is even more critical for pet owners.

Over time, the stains, dander, and odors that seep into your traditional carpet become obvious. Before you scold Fido for his collateral damage, we have a solution.

Pet-friendly carpet removes the fear of any stains and wear caused by our furry friends. In fact, it’s so beautiful, durable, and simple to care for that you may just forget how well it serves you.

Today’s pet-friendly carpet is designed free of harmful materials, which make them healthier for every member of your family. Not only is it healthier, but it’s comfortable. Fido and friends love a soft place to relax, rather than sliding around on the floor.

The luxuriousness of these styles has built-in stain resistance – it will never wear off! You will have peace of mind that any accidents will be easily cleaned up. Additionally, the soil-shielding ability allows for quick and easy clean-up of any dirt and mud tracked inside. Odor is not an issue either as pet-friendly carpet has an extremely low liquid absorption rate. This means that accidents and spills are less likely to soak into the cushion and your subfloor where odors linger. Simply put, we have the perfect carpet for busy homes and four-legged family members.

Would you want the Carrot or the Radish?

We love pretty carpet, but the fiber and dye type can be important too. Some of the best Pet-Friendly carpets feature solution-dyed fiber vs piece-dyed fiber, which means that the carpet has superior stain resistance. It’s easy to understand by comparing a carrot and a radish.

Solution-dyed carpets start by adding the color to the fiber when it’s a liquid. The fiber soaks up the dye, making it difficult to accept any new dyes or “stains.” Once the fiber is extruded, if you cut a piece, it would look like a carrot, meaning the color of the carpet goes all the way through the yarn. This process makes the carpet incredibly stain-resistant, and pet-friendly.

Piece-dyed carpets are dyed after the carpet is already made by dying the surface of the carpet. This creates an effect like a radish – it’s red on the outside, but white on the inside. Since the entire carpet fiber is not dyed, it can easily accept new stains. Unfortunately, this can lead to stains that you can’t remove from your carpet.

The good news is that with today’s technology, many styles, colors, and price points are available with Pet-Friendly solution-dyed technology.

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